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2023 Annual Show Report

Bob Heyman and Edmund Smith's report on the successful and popular 2023 Barbecue and Show (17th September 2023)

We are always in the hands of the weather for our annual barbecue and show. This year looked ominous on account of the endless wet weather. Fortunately, we managed to hit a dryish day, marked by only a few showers which did little to dampen enjoyment of the event. However, the Show tent showed its age, resulting in some of the exhibits and prize certificates receiving a soaking. We will definitely patch it up for next year.

Thanks to David, Jane and Joe Callan who provided their usual stunning feast. It included an excellent carnivorous and veggie barbecue, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and many other foods, supplemented by contributions from our members. It’s difficult to predict or gauge attendance, but there seemed to be more present than ever. The Callans had to twice go to the shops for extra supplies!

Our members submitted a splendid array of fruit, vegetables, flowers, jams and preserves which we found difficult to fit into the Show tent. Given the number of exhibits we receive, we will look at putting up a second pagoda for the allotment-related artwork next year. We offered for the first time a prize for the best collation of produce which produced some attractive displays.

Thanks to those who helped with the judging. Edmund and Bob judged the veggies, fruit and flowers; Trish Smith the jams and preserves; and Alan Dordoy the artwork and blogs. Ruth Heyman recorded the results on a spreadsheet.

Getting the judging carried out and recorded within the time available is quite challenging, and we need to try and give ourselves more time next year. Thanks to Meryl and Stephen for conducting the raffle which made £222, offsetting the cost of prizes.

Thanks to Tim Cook for organising a display of art from primary school children at West Jesmond School which he has laminated, and which can be viewed in the recreation area.

Congratulations to this year’s prize winners:

Show 1st prize Sasha Pervin

Show 2nd prize Chris and Micaela Clark

Show 3rd prize Chris Sutcliffe and Meryl Wakeman

Show 3rd prize West Jesmond School and Community Garden

Best display Meryl Wakeman

Adult art 1st prize Meryl Wakeman

Adult art 2nd prize Pam Brown

Under 17 art 1st prize Sophy and Holly

Under 17 art 2nd prize Lucy

Adult blog 1st prize Garda Saeed

Adult blog 2nd prize Bob Heyman

Best under 17 blog Robyn

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s Barbecue and Show, including those mentioned above, attendees whose job was to enjoy the event, the many volunteers who helped with putting up and clearing away, and members who managed to contribute Show exhibits despite the inclement weather, slugs and snails which have beset gardeners this year!

Bob Heyman and Edmund Smith


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