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Growing your own food :- Tomatoes – it’s time! An informative and topical post from Pam Brown

It's been at least a decade or more since I bought a packet of tomato seeds.

Inspired by my father’s post-war economy, I have been saving the seed from each of my favourite tomato varieties every autumn. I gently spread the seed on a piece of greaseproof paper until they dry, then label each variety and store the sheets in a brown paper bag, keeping them dry.

Germination happened quickly in my propagator although a warm light window sill will also do. The seedlings have been potted on once already and now I’m just waiting for the next stages of potting on, watering, feeding, tying in and eventually, the best part, picking and eating.

Tomatoes are so good for us as well as versatile and tasty. Why not check out the BBC Good Food Guide for more nutritional information and links to recipes……

What is the history of tomatoes? The first known reference to tomatoes in the British American Colonies was made in the 1710 book titled Botanologia by herbalist William Salmon.

Slice of history: The turning point for the tomato came in 1880 with the invention of the pizza in Naples, which has made the red, juicy fruit enormously popular in Europe and North America.

Post by Pam Brown

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