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Summer at Highbury South Allotments.

So far, during late spring and early summer, we’ve experienced drought, (which was as challenging to our seedlings and young plants as last year’s heat) and we are now enjoying our fair share of rain, which although welcome for fruit, flowers and vegetables, has sent the weeds and grass competing for our attention. This year (and last) I haven’t been able to stop my spinach and shallots going to seed but the sweet corn and sweet peas I think are well ahead of previous years. Every year wins and losses, it goes with the job!

Today, many of us joined together to help at the summer working party. As always, there was a great feeling of camaraderie and a vast amount of work was completed, most of it quite backbreaking. On behalf of the committee, Stephen gave his thanks to all who were able to attend. I’m not sure the photos can do justice to the amount of tidying, weeding, digging and clearing that was accomplished, not to mention the cleaning and repairing of the baths!

Come September, we have the opportunity to compete and exhibit our produce in the main pavilion. This year there will be an expanded judging team, to include a jam and preserve judge and a scoring administrator who will enter scores onto a laptop spreadsheet. Also, the show leaflet will be online only, with colour posters displayed on noticeboards and monochrome entry sheets displayed and provided on the Show Day. Excitingly, there will be a new category for composite displays of fruit, vegetables and flowers on a tray. Further details will follow in due course.

In the meantime, happy gardening, cooking and eating!

Pam Brown


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